24/7 workforce management – automatic access decisions and tracking of who can go where and when on site.

Access control management across multiple sites – using only one platform.

Compatible with IT systems – the system resides on your existing network, using minimal bandwidth and without interrupting normal IT communications.

Immediate notification of alarms raised – with optional SMS/email notification.

Tailored door entry – allowing extended access time to specific cardholders.

Re-usable, customized cards – minimizing time taken to gain access to site.

Full visitor/contractor history – providing detailed reports and enabling an effective evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Elevator access – readers can be installed in elevators enabling organizations to control access to certain levels.

Scalable security – integrated solutions using bio-metrics can be added requesting both identification and verification to gain entry. The option for duress fingers (allowing access but raising an alarm when a duress finger is presented) may be appropriate for a high security site.

Readers – with a reputation in the industry for their sleek, modern design the reader range is monitored to ensure full functionality at all times. A range of security levels are available either requiring a card, card plus PIN or visual verification – known as Challenge.

Automatic vehicle identification – Integrating Nedap AVI with the Command Centre ensures that a vehicle can only gain access or leave a secured area if accompanied by an authorized driver. The solution allows gates to be activated at a greater distance than traditionally possible allowing for an uninterrupted flow of traffic onsite.

Emergency management – certainty and control of personnel locations on site minimizes the risk of accidents, site shutdowns and corporate liability.

SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) – ensuring your site keeps pace with the latest technology and Microsoft® operating platform releases.

We also can provides a range of professional services that ensure you get the most from your system.