Consultant touts practice of ‘eating frogs’ as strategy for success

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“We’ve got a lot of customer service people that deal with our customers and I wanted to lift them up to understand what to say and what not to say to our customers,” says Louis Clay, president of Clay & Land. “That’s what her program did for me.”

Sandra Walls, president and owner of logistics and supply chain management firm AVPOL International LLC, also recently enlisted the services of McLaren’s Success Strategies for her employees.

“It was one of the best strategic planning events that I’ve participated in, and I’m a trained facilitator,” Walls says.

McLaren strives to ensure that all participants in her sessions understand why they act the ways they do. She uses an example of a pair of “chips” that drive behavior.

“ You’ve got your child chip and you’ve got your adult chip,” she says. “The child chip wants everything now. That doesn’t always pan out so well in the workplace.”

Her example resonates with Clay, who says some customers had called to complain about how some of his customer service employees conducted themselves on the phone. He likens such behavior to that of “the 15- and 20-year olds that are on the computer so much that they kind of lose touch with people.”

“ I’ve had enough people that talked positively about (the program) that I felt it was a very good investment,” he says.


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