To ensure today’s students have access to the digital tools and resources they need to create, collaborate and inquire, school districts need to provide students and teachers with the right voice, video and data communications tools. 

The E-Rate program helps make this possible. The program provides discounts on services and products that are essential for classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video and data communications. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), administers e-Rate.  E-Rate is a provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, historically funded at up to $2.25 billion annually to provide discounts in four categories: Telecommunications Services, Internet Access, Basic Maintenance and Internal Connections hardware. IF you and your school wants a piece of the

  • Prepare for Budget Cuts
    Ongoing budget reductions make it imperative to plan wisely, so work with E-Rate experts to make sure your school gets its fair share of discounts.


  • Respond to Higher Expectations
    Rapid advances in technology mean your school must stay a step ahead to prepare your students to succeed in the world.


  • Choose the Right Technology Partner
    Our E-Rate team is constantly monitoring this program’s regulations, eligibility and deadlines so that your school will meet the deadlines with the maximum awards.