Fabrication Shop


AIL Construction Services has been honing our precision metal fabrication services for decades. As a result, we have the relevant experience in everything from carbon steel and  stainless steel to almost any exotic or alloy. In view of our focus on the heavy equipment and truck industries, we have dedicated an entire fabrication division to components for applications such as pipeline prefabrication, dock door, and more. Dedication to extreme precision and quality is a priority; we comply with a range of industry standards that are important to each specific client.

Welding Services

As a company with a long-term focus on quality welding services, AIL Construction Services has made an ongoing commitment to employing expert welders. Our highly trained, experienced and skilled welders are able to perform a variety of specialized welding services, specifically wire (MIG) welding of aluminum. In addition, AIL welders provide TIG, stick welding on various steels and alloys. We are set up to perform the welding, either CNC or free hand, in the field or in our own shop.

AIL‘s Fabrication consistently provides the superior quality welding that meets various industry standards as well as the expectations of customers in fields such as agricultural, architectural, food processing and military. In order to facilitate expedited and just-in-time deliveries, we also provide a range of in-house secondary services such as finishing and design consulting.