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A multi-server architecture allows the connection of multiple sites worldwide through a central Command Centre.

  • Multi-server functionality supports peer-to-peer communications between multiple servers enabling our systems to operate effectively in a distributed environment, which may include multiple sites separated by large geographical distances.
  • Cross-site operational cover – The access system remains fully operational in the event of network failure and operators have the ability to view remote servers and provide cross-site support.
  • Cardholders can use their single card, biometrics, photo and credentials across all sites worldwide.
  • The multi-server function provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution, temporarily allowing operational cover for the disaster affected site.
  • Evacuation reporting is enhanced by multi-server as any server can keep an up-to-date status on the locations of all cardholders over the network.
  • Reduce telecommunication and monitoring expenses through centralized access control.
  • Growing with you – The system allows the addition of new buildings, employees etc without redundant hardware or unreasonable costs.
  • Secure encryption technology with equipment communicating at 256-bit, the system has options for encrypting communications from controllers to peripheral equipment, securing data and preventing transmissions from being intercepted.